Arsenal fans: Imagine Arteta was our manager instead of Wenger?

The summer of 2013 was a real roller coaster for Arsenal. First, the Gunners managed to sign the world’s best goalkeeper, Lukas Fabianski. Then, the club acquired the young striker Granit Xhaka, who is now a key player of the team. In the middle of the summer, Arsene Wenger was replaced by Unai Emery, who immediately began to show a lot of interesting football.
However, the new coach did not manage to get into the Champions League. Arsenal was a little behind the leaders, but it was still a real surprise for the fans.
The Gunners are now in the Europa League, where they are in the 4th position. The team has already managed to get to the quarterfinals of the tournament, but the main goal of the season is to get closer to the Champions Leauge.
Arsenal fans are looking forward to the new season, because the team will have to fight for the title in the Premier League. The Gunners have already managed it in the previous season, but this time they will be much stronger.

The team’s main rivals include:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Tottenham.
It is easy to follow the results of Arsenal on the sports statistics website. Here, you can find the latest information about the team”s performance in the matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming games.
What to expect from Arsenal in the new year?
The new season of the English Premier League is already in full swing, so the Gunner fans have to prepare for the fight for gold medals. The main contenders for the victory are:
1. Manchester City. The Citizens have already won the championship three times, so they are confident of getting into the top 4.
2. Chelsea. The Blues are the main favorites of the new campaign, because they are the most experienced team.
3. Liverpool. The Reds are also a favorite of the current season, since they have already played in the Champions Cup.
There is a chance that Arsenal will be in the top-4, but they will have a tough time. The club has already lost to Manchester United, and it is unlikely that the Gunns will give up.
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Main results of the Arsenal matches
The season of English Premier league has already ended, and the results are already starting to show on the field. The Arsenal team was very active in the transfer market, and now they are ready to fight against their main competitors.
Of course, the main favorite of this season is Manchester City, but there are also other clubs that can compete with the Gunniks. The following teams can be called the main rivals of the Gunnies:
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool;
• Tottenham.
You will find the results and schedule of the matches of Arsenal in this section.
Arsenal’sthe season
The current season of Premier league is very interesting for the Gunnar team. The players have already shown a lot in the tournament arena, and they are now ready to do their best in the fight against the main competitors of the championship.
In the first rounds, the team of Unai has managed to show that it is a real contender for the gold medals, but now the main task is to improve the position in the standings. The current season is also an opportunity for the team to get a new coach.
Unai Emeria is a good choice, because he managed to improve a lot the results in the current championship. The Spaniard managed to reach the quarter-finals of Europa League.
Now, the Arsenal team is ready to show its best game in the championship, and this will be the main motivation for the players to win the title.
Live football results of all the top leagues
The English Premier division is one of the strongest championships in the world. The top clubs are constantly fighting for the champion title, and there is a high probability that one of them will be able to win it.
This season, the top four clubs have already met in the final, and you can watch the results on the official website. The most interesting matches of the Premier league are the matches between the teams that are fighting for gold.
Manchester City is the main contender for gold, but Liverpool is also a real threat. The Merseysiders have already lost in the first round, but if they can get closer in the table, then they will definitely be able not only to fight with the rivals, but also to win gold medals themselves.
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Next season of EPL
The main goal for the City is to be in top 4, but in order to achieve this, the Merseysides will have have to improve their position in this tournament.
Liverpool is a serious contender for winning gold medals this season, and Unai is ready for the task. The new coach managed to make the team stronger, but he is still not able to get the desired results.
If the Reds can get close to the top4, then we can expect a lot from them.

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