Are Manchester City ready for the new season?

Manchester City are one of the main contenders for the title. The Citizens have a good squad and are able to win matches even without the main stars. However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The previous season the team was very confident and played well. Now, the team does not have such a good result.

The main problem is the fact that the team has not been in the best shape for a long time. This is also reflected in the results of the previous matches. The team has already lost to Liverpool in the Champions League and is in the middle of the table. The main question is whether the team will be able to fight for the champion title.
The team is not in the strongest shape for the start of the new campaign, but it is not the end of the world. The players are ready to fight and will try to win the title once again. The City will be the main contender for the championship and will be very active in the transfer market.
Who will be Manchester City’s main competitors?
The Citizens have the best squad in the Premier League. This can be seen from the fact, that the club has already qualified for the Champions’ League. The club is also in the top 4 of the English Premier League’.
However, the Citizens have not been the most successful team in the domestic arena. The last time the club won the title was in 1996. The current season is very important for the club, because it will be a new era for the team.
In the current season, the club will play against the following teams:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
The first two teams are considered to be the most dangerous. The latter two are not in their best shape.
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Will the team be able not to lose to Liverpool?
Manchester United are the main rival of the Citizens. The Red Devils have a very good squad, which can be considered as the best in the world, especially considering the fact they have a lot of young players.
This season, Manchester United has a lot to prove. The squad of the Red Devils is quite unstable, which is reflected in their results. The results of their matches are not always positive.
Despite the fact the team lost to Chelsea, it is still a contender for winning the champion’ title. However the Citizens are ready for a fight. The rivals of the club are not the strongest, but they have enough experience and are capable of defeating them.
How to follow the results?
It is easy to follow all the results on the website, which provides information on the latest news from the world of football. The website offers the latest information about the matches, which are held in the English championship.
Manchester is the home of the Premier league, which means that the Citizens will have to play against their main rivals in the first round. The first matches of this season will be held on the 19th of May.
It will be extremely difficult for the Citizens to win all the games in the home arena, but the team can be sure that it will not lose points in the away matches.
Main competitors of the City
The Red Devils are the most likely to win, but their main competitors are:
1. Manchester United. The Blues have a really good squad. The problem is that the players are not used to playing in the team that has a good coach.
2. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a great squad, but a bad coach. The Reds have already won the Champions’ League twice, but this is not enough.
3. Chelsea. The Chelsea players are very good, but do not have the right motivation.
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Where to find the schedule of the matches?
You will find the results only on the platform of sports statistical. The platform is available to everyone, so it is easy for fans to find out all the information about matches held in their country.
There is a calendar of the upcoming matches, where you can find the information on which teams are playing, when and where.
Do not forget about the Champions league, because the team of Jose Mourinho is very confident in the tournament. The Portuguese managed to get into the final stage of the tournament once, but lost to Barcelona.
If the Citizens manage to win in the Europa League, then the club can be the favorite of the championship. The Champions league is the most prestigious tournament in the Old Continent. The competition is very tough, but if the team manages to win it, then it will become a real sensation.
What are the chances of the Champions?
In general, the Champions is a very prestigious tournament. This year, the competition is especially intense, because there are only 8 teams participating in the playoffs.
As for the chances, the answer is “yes”. The chances of winning the Champions are quite high, because:
· The team is in a good shape.

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