Are Real Madrid favourites to win La Liga?

The current season of the Spanish championship is in full swing, and the current results of the teams are really interesting. It is also worth noting that the main contenders for the title are Real Madrid and Barcelona.
However, the last time the teams met in the Champions League final was in the season 2000. The Madrid team managed to get into the final, but the victory was not as easy as it could have been.
Real Madrid is one of the main favourites for the next season, but it is not so easy to predict the outcome of the match. The team has a lot of problems, which are not so obvious at the start of the season.
The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning, and they are not very confident in the matches.

The team has been playing in the Spanish Championship for a long time, and it is the first time they are playing in La Liga. The main advantage of the club is the fact that it is a young team, which is able to improve its level.
You can follow the results of Real Madrid in the match against Barcelona. The fans can always find out the latest information on the website of sports statistics.
Latest news on the team’s performance
The fans can follow all the latest news on Real Madrid from the website, where the information is updated in real time. The club has a number of problems that can affect the results in the next matches. The most obvious problem is the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is not able to play in the national team, and he is not the main star of the Madrid team.
It is worth noting, however, that the team has other players who can help the coach in the future matches. For example, it is worth highlighting the performance of Lopetegui, who has managed to bring the team to the Champions Cup final, where it lost to Juventus.
Another problem of Real is the problem with injuries. The injuries are not always serious, but they can affect results. The latest information from the team can be found on the sports statistics website.
Live scores of the matches of the Champions league
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. The current season is very interesting, and there are a lot to discuss. The Champions League has always been a favorite of the fans, and this time the main favorites are Real and Barcelona, but other teams also have a chance to win.
In the current season, the main rival of the Catalan club is Juventus. The Turineses have a number problems, and their main problem is that they do not have a good coach. The coach is Massimiliano Allegri, who managed to lead the team into the Champions’ Cup final.
This is a great example of how the Italian coach managed to solve the problems of the clubs that he coached. Allegri has a good understanding with the players, and has managed not only to get the team a place in the group stage, but also to win the Champions’ Cup.
Thanks to the live scores of matches of Champions League, it will be easy to follow the development of events in the tournament.
Team’s results in La liga
The season of La Liga is in its final stage, and many teams are trying to get to the next stage. Barcelona is the main favorite of this season, and its main problem in the current campaign is the injury of Lionel Messi.
Barcelona has a long bench, and some players are not able for the whole match. Messi is the leader of the squad, and his absence affects the results.
Despite the fact, that Barcelona is not in the best shape, it still has a chance of getting into the playoffs. The key to the team’ victory is the performance in the domestic championship, where Barcelona has a very good team. The following factors are the main reasons for the success of the Catalans in the championship:
1. Good selection of players. The Barcelona players have a long selection of the best players in the country.
2. Good teamwork. The leaders of the Barcelona team are able to work with each other, and make the team work.
3. Individual skills of the leaders.
4. Tactical flexibility of the coach.
All the above factors allow the Catalons to win in LaLiga.
Results of the games of Barcelona
In La Liga, Barcelona is one the main teams, and in the last season it was able to win a lot. The Catalans have a very long bench and the players are able not only not to miss a single match, but to play a lot in them.
Messi is not at the level of the other leaders of Barcelona, and so the team needs time to get used to him.
Now, the team of Ernesto Valverde is in a good shape, and can play in all the matches in the La Liga season. The Spanish coach has a great understanding with his players, which allows him to find the best solution for the game.
Valverde has a strong squad, which can play a good game in all matches. It has a large number of players, who can be used in the attack, and others who can play as a defender.

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