About the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of the Old Continent. The Portuguese is the leader of the team and has a great number of goals. The player has won the Champions League with Real Madrid and the Portuguese won the Ballon D’Or.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese is not the only star of the Royal Club. Among the main stars of the club are:
· Gareth Bale;
·3· Luka Modric;
3· Sergio Ramos.
The list of the main players of the Real Madrid is very long. It includes:
1. Ronaldo;
2. Bale;
3. Ramos.
The Portuguese is a very important player for the club. He is the main star of Real Madrid. He has a contract with the club for 20 years. The club is trying to get the player to extend the contract to 30 years.

It should be noted that the player has a very good contract. The contract is worth about 10 million euros. The main reason for this is the fact that the club is not going to sell the player. The reason for the player’s contract is that the team needs to increase its level.
You can always follow the situation in the team of Real in the Internet. The website of sports statistics is very useful for this. The information on the website is updated in real time.
Football results of Real
The website of the sports statistics has a lot of information about the football results of the clubs. You can always find the information about Real Madrid on the site of sports data. The results of football matches of the Spanish team are presented on the portal.
In the season 2017/18, the team won the Spanish championship. The team was led by the Portuguese Cristiano. The first place of the championship was won by the team from the city of Madrid. The following teams were in the second place:
• Barcelona;
• PSG;
The third place was won not by the Madrid team but by Valencia. The last place was taken by the Eibar team.
At the beginning of the season, the club was led not by Ronaldo but by Bale. The latter was not able to play the main striker position. The position of the Portuguese was taken over by the young player of Real Betis, Dani Carvajal.
Real Madrid has a good number of victories. The players of this team are very good. They are able to score a lot. The best scorer of the Madrid club is Cristiano, who scored a lot in the season.
Today, the Portuguese has a new contract with Real. The new contract is for 20 more years. During the contract, the player can leave the club and the team can get a new leader. The situation of the player is very good in the club of Madrid and he is a good leader.
Main football results today of the players of Real and their chances of winning the Champions league
The season 2017-18 has started very well for the team. The current season of the Champions is very interesting for the fans of football. The season is very important for the main team of the EPL. The previous season, Manchester City was the main contender for the victory in the tournament.
However, the main favorite of the tournament was the Spanish club Real Madrid, which won the title of the champion. The Spanish club has a number of stars in the squad. Among them are:
1· Sergio Ramos;
1,5· Luka;
4· Dani;
7· Bale; 7· Ramos. The list of stars of Real is very impressive. The squad of the Red Devils has a high level of football and is able to win the Champions.
This season, Real Madrid will be the main rival of the Manchester City. The Red Devils have a good level of players. The coach of the City, Pep Guardiola, is a fan of the squad of Real. He wants to get rid of the rivals and win the champion title.
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Live football scores of the matches of your favorite team
The Champions League is a tournament that is held every year. The tournament is held between the best teams in the world. The teams that participate in the Champions are: Barcelona; PSG, Juventus; Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester United.
Each year, the tournament is very exciting. The fans of the teams have a lot to watch and they want to see the best football matches. You have a chance to see these matches only on the web portal of sports information.
During the Champions, the teams play against each other in the best stadiums in the country. The stadiums of the participating teams are very impressive and are able not to be missed. The clubs have a great level of the game and they are able win the tournament with a number and a good result.
For the fans, it is very easy to follow the live football scores. The web portal provides the information in real-time. The data is updated on the basis of the results of matches.

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