Arsenal won the Community Shield

Arsenal won the Community Shield and the Champions League final, but they are still not satisfied with their performance. This is the reason why they are ready to make changes.
The team’s problems began with the loss of the leading scorer of the championship, who was replaced by the young player of the club, Lukaku. The Belgian was the best player of Manchester United for a long time. However, the team did not have a good start in the Champions league.

The English Premier League is a competition of the strongest teams. The previous season, the Manchester City was the main favorite of the tournament. However it was not enough for the team to get into the final stage.
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Results of the Manchester United’ matches
The previous season of the Champions cup was not successful for the Manchester united. The team was not able to get to the final round. The main problem of the team was the lack of motivation. The players were tired of the constant pressure.
However, the main star of the United team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was not at all unhappy with the team”s performance. He was not satisfied by the fact that the team lost the first match of the group stage. The Swede was very active during the game, which was a real surprise for the opponents.
Ibrahimovic scored a goal and assisted the other one. The result of the match was a draw. The United players did not want to lose the first place in the group, but the coach of the Red Devils, Jose Mourinho, did not allow the team members to rest.
After the first round, the players of the Mourinho’ team began to play with the same intensity. The coach of Manchester united was not happy with the result of matches, so he decided to make some changes. The club’ coach did not give the players a rest, so the players started to play not only in the Premier league, but also in the Europa league. The results of this tournament are not good, too.
In the second round, Manchester united lost to the team from the Czech Republic. The Czech team was very strong, and the players were able to win the match. The Mourinho team did its best, but it was obvious that the Czech team had a lot of motivation and were ready to fight for the victory.
It was the first victory of the Czechs in the tournament for a very long time, which made the fans of the country very happy.
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The season of Europa league is coming to its end. The competition is very intense, and it is very important for the teams to finish in the first position. This was the reason for the changes in the team.
Now, the English team is much stronger than the previous season. It is the main rival of Manchester City. The City’ players are not very happy with their results, but Mourinho is not ready to give up. He does not want his players to rest, but he also does not have the time to do it.
During the last matches, the City players were not able not only to win, but to finish the tournament in the top-4. The English team has a good chance to do this, because the competition is intense. The Premier league is very close to the English championship, so it is possible that the teams will play only in this league. This will be the main goal of the teams in the final rounds.
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Main favorites of the European cups
The main favorites of this season are the following teams:
1. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have the best lineup in the English Championship. The squad of the Liverpool has a lot to offer.
2. Manchester City, which is also very strong.
3. Chelsea, which has a great lineup.
4. Barcelona, which also has a strong lineup. The Catalans have the potential to win a lot.
5. Bayern, which had a good season, but now it is not the main contender for the title.
6. Arsenal, which did not win any trophy.
7. Tottenham, which started the season very well. However the club has not been able to show its full potential.
8. Valencia, which should not be underestimated.
9. Inter, which lost a lot in the domestic arena.
10. Roma, which does not win many trophies.
11. Valencia again.
12. Valencia once more.
13. Sevilla, which showed a good result in the Spanish championship.
14. Valencia.
15. Real Madrid, which won the Champions.
16. Real Sociedad, which finished the season in the second place.
17. Sevillas once again.
18. Valencia and Real Socedad.
19. Valencia is the only team that can not win the European Cup.
20. Sevillans once again, who has not won any trophy in the last 5 years.

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