If you’re a devout reader of The Hot Takery, you undoubtedly know that I have developed a deep hatred of one Travis Hughes. Today, justice was finally served.

Hughes, who dishes out icy cold takes at Broad Street Hockey and SBNation, took things way too far earlier today when he lashed out like a baby at noted hot take hotspot, Barstool Sports.

What a goddamn fireman.

The fine readers of Barstool Sports (who are commonly referred to as “stool samples”) were unfairly targeted here. I’m sure many of you know that the majority of them are fine gentleman, and they responded by showing Hughes just how fucking gentlemanly they really are.

Now, I won’t repost every single response here because, thankfully, there are just way too many. But you can click here for a good sampling.

I know what you’re thinking — those are some sexist, homophobic, and generally insensitive comments, right? Wrong. See, the thing that you’re missing is that you just don’t get how Barstool Sports operates. It’s a magical place where undershirts are “gay” and being called an “egg” is the ultimate insult. (P.S. Travis really likes undershirts — he’s wearing them in like three total photos.)

But most importantly, at Barstool, a homophobic slur is worth a thousand words. Yes, with one simple “homo,” these stool samples delivered an eloquent, tasteful, and dare I say whimsical takedown of Hughes’ suggestion that they are rude, insensitive asshats.

By the way, a lot of those tweets come from a guy who, according to his Twitter profile, develops business for Barstool Sports. I don’t really know what that means, but man this guy really delivered a blow to Hughes. After Hughes whined that stool samples were making homophobic slurs towards him, Chris Spags demanded proof:

BUSTED, TREVIS. Not a single stool sample said anything homophobic, as you can see above. Unfortunately, some loser named “Romeo Wand” tried in vain to prove Spags wrong, but of course our hero came through with the ultimate rebuttal:

See? Telling a man to insert another man’s penis into his mouth isn’t homophobic at all — it’s just solid advice. I think that guy Tony Robbins has made that a cornerstone of his brand.

Spags also took to his steaming hot website to publish the ultimate takedown of Hughes (by the way, you can’t spell Hughes without “Hug”…who’s the gay one now, Tarvis?). I won’t link it here because it might literally fry your motherboard, but take my word for it, it was spicy as hell.

Of course, Travis couldn’t take the heat and ran away like a little baby. I hope you learned your lesson, Hugs. If you suggest that stool samples are assholes, they’ll prove you right every damn time.

And remember, you’re the real homophobe here: