By | July 8, 2015

This weekend, Comcast SportsNet’s Tim Panaccio practiced the dark arts of hot takery, suggesting that the Philadelphia Flyers should trade Claude Giroux.

In a post on noted piping hot take website HockeyBuzz, Panaccio expressed outrage at the Flyers captain, who was arrested on July 1 for grabbing a cop’s butt (an incident known widely as “buttgate”). Panaccio really made sure this take was piping hot. Seriously, look at this:

Pinching a cop’s butt may be funny and lead to all kinds of double entendres, but this is not what the Flyers need right now.

Obviously, Giroux was misguided in hit butt grabbage — and he admitted as much — but Timmy is totally right here. The right thing for the Philadelphia media to do in this circumstance is to blow it totally out of proportion. That’s what hot takery is all about.

And in case you were wondering whether or not Panaccio was suggesting that the Flyers try to trade Giroux, fear not. The noted hot takist later took to twitter to provide some clarity:


Travis Hughes over at Broad Street Hockey tried to stop this piping hot wildfire from spreading (in a take-by-take fashion), but the damage had been done.

Kudos to Panaccio for filling the internet with a steaming pile of words.