If you’re a dedicated reader of The Hot Takery, you know that checking your facts is a big no no in the world of hot takes. Today, sports app/website/whatever The Score took that principle to heart and created a brand new type of hot take.

It all started when Pittsburgh Penguins blogger (and noted fireman) Mike Darnay sent out this retweet:

Wow. That’s pretty shocking, and 100 percent believable. There’s no need to check the Penguins’ Twitter feed to see if they actually said this, because it just feels like it’s right.

And that’s exactly what the genius reporters at The Score did. Being an appsite that needs to keep apace with what’s going on in the world of sports, they knew this story needed to hit the presses immediately. There simply wasn’t any time to fact check:

Of course, Darnay was just having a little fun here — the Penguins never actually tweeted that out. But that’s not the point. The point here is that The Score is simply too lazy to spend 20 seconds researching, which undoubtedly earns them a spot in the Hall of Hot Takes.

Being newly anointed hot takists, The Score, shortly after noticing its error (oops!) pulled the story.

Big kudos go out to The Score for showing literally no principles of journalism, and instead opting for hot takes.