It’s one thing for an appsite like The Score to screw up a story so bad, but when ESPN does the same thing, you better believe that hot takery is taking over.

Last week, we reported how a faux tweet from Pittsburgh Penguins blogger Mike Darnay duped the master takists at The Score. See, Darnay fake-retweeted a tweet from the Penguins about how new coach Mike Johnston would “tase” any players who dump the puck in at practice.

Well, it appears that ESPN never got the memo that Darnay was having a little funny. Here’s the relevant except from ESPN’s piping hot season preview for Mike Johnston:

All eyes are on Johnston, formerly of the Western Hockey League’s Portland Winterhawks, to see what he can do with the star-studded Penguins lineup. He already made some waves in his first day of training camp, proclaiming that any player who dumped the puck in would get zapped with a stun gun.

Now, when The Score screwed this story up, we commended them for not taking the 20 seconds required to realize that the whole Johnston tasing thing was a hoax.

But ESPN, days later, still ran the story, well after it was widely known that Darnay is full of shit.

Kudos, ESPN, for the massive journalistic failure.

ht @BCT_AChiappazzi

UPDATE: The ESPN scribe who wrote the aforementioned hot taser take, Katie Strang, has since deleted it from her column. Of course, Strang is a master takist, so no apology or correction was issued. Master takists always just sweep their mistakes under the rug, so we commend her actions here.

She did, however, offer a moment of candor to us on Twitter:

UPDATE 2: It seems that Strang flew too close to the sun in her quest to become a certified hot takist, eventually issuing this correction within the body of her column:

(Correction: Johnston did not, however, threaten to tase players for dumping the puck in, not even in jest, as was joked on Twitter and possibly a certain ESPN reporter thought was true.)

It seems that ESPN just isn’t fully ready to embrace the art of hot takery.