By | January 18, 2015

Sometimes hockey coaches just don’t say what they mean, or rather don’t say what their audiences want to hear. That’s when a piping hot takist needs to step up his or her game and fill in the gaps.

And that’s just what the Edmonton Sun’s Rob Tychkowski did.

Last night after the Edmonton Oilers won in a shootout against the Florida Panthers thanks to the talents of one Nail Yakupov, many takists in Edmonton were wondering why Yak had never been used on the shootout before.

And then Tychkowski found the answer: fireman extraordinaire Tyler Dellow had been forcing the Oilers coaching staff (at gunpoint, maybe?) to bench Yakupov in shootouts.

Here’s Tychkowski’s take:

Todd Nelson reveals that Oilers analytics guy had been the one advising against using Yakupov in shootouts.

— Rob Tychkowski (@Sun_Tychkowski) January 18, 2015

Now, Tychkowski doesn’t mention Dellow by name here, but we all know who the “Oilers analytics guy” is. After all, he is the original shill for Big Corsi, perhaps only matched in the blind advocation for that flawed stat by Eric Tlusty.

Remember how I mentioned that sometimes a takist needs to explain things that coaches aren’t willing to say? Well, that seems to be exactly the case here, because video of Nelson’s press conference from last night reveals, well, that he never said anything that Tychkowski said he did.

But don’t believe me — take a look at the video:

Hmmmmm, that sure is odd. Now, after thinking about this for a while, I realized that Tychkowski is doing Nelson a solid here. We all know that he probably wanted to throw Dellow under the bus, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it for one reason or another.

So Oilers fans should be thanking Tychkowski for helping them out, because that makes sense.

Speaking of things that make sense, the supposition that Dellow is behind the non-use of Yakupov in shootouts really makes you think, especially considering Yak spent two shootout-less years in Edmonton prior to the arrival of Dellow. Wow.

I know what you’re thinking — those are some pretty ridiculous missteps by a member of the mainstream media. That may be true, but I believe I found the real scandal in all of this, and it was right on Tychkowski’s Twitter bio for all the world to see:

Now that, my friends, is a tragedy.