Legendary coach Herb Brooks once said “Great takes are born from great opportunities. That is what you have here tonight. Writers might publish a cold take on this situation 9 times out of 10, but not tonight. The fireman’s time is over. It’s done. I’m sick and tired of hearing what great hockey writers the firemen are”.

With the Flyers taking on their former coach Peter Laviolette this past weekend, veteran takist Randy Miller of did not leave his great opportunity on the table. Keeping Brooks’ inspirational words in mind, Miller delivered one of the hottest takes of the 2014-15 season.

After Peter Laviolette was asked about the current success of his former player Jakub Voracek, Miller stepped in with this flaming garbage take:

“I think he’s been like that for years,” Laviolette answered before his Predators 4-1 win over the Flyers on Saturday night. “I think he’s a real powerful guy out there. Certainly this year he’s getting recognized more because of the amount of points that he’s putting up. He’s had a great start to the season, but I think he’s been a top offensive player for the Flyers for years.”

That was an interesting response there from Laviolette because it does seem pretty obvious that Voracek has taken his game to a higher level this season.

Even though Laviolette ended up getting what’s now a better job than the one he had – his Predators are playing like a Cup contender and the Flyers could miss the playoffs – you have to wonder if there was something more to his assessment of Voracek.

Keep in mind that Laviolette still hasn’t discussed his feelings about his firing and he hasn’t ever talked about his former assistant being elevated into his position after the 2013-14 Flyers started 0-3.

And keep in mind that Laviolette and Berube went from spending hours together every day during hockey seasons to not speaking at all.

Was Laviolette’s comment a way of not giving any credit to Berube, whom Laviolette may or may not feel worked execs behind his back to get his job?

Or was Laviolette just being honest?

Miller has demonstrated once again why he is one of the best in the business. Baseless speculation is one of the purest foundations upon which scalding takes are built.

Very few people have the ability to uncover a controversy like this from just a simple boilerplate statement made by a coach about one of his former players. Even fewer people have the gall to publish articles about it.

As long as Philadelphia area newspapers continue to employ writers like this, citizens of the city can continue to expect very mild temperatures this winter. Keep up the good work, Randy. I don’t want to put my shorts and sandals away any time soon.