Chauvinistic hockey beat writers just got the hero they deserve: Mark Madden.

First, the background story: as was widely reported earlier this week, noted gentlemen and hot takist Adrian Dater was literally castrated for voicing to a friend (read: stranger on the internet) the zephyrs that were blowing through his mind. Dater was not the first victim of recent angry internet mob castration. Rather, several other writers have met the same fate for doing nothing more than using their professional position to make entirely unsolicited sexual advances toward complete strangers FLIRTING.

Enter Mark Madden, a humanitarian advocate and long-time sports reporter from the Pittsburgh area. One need not look further than Madden’s twitter page to witness his overflowing respect for women and his indelible passion for gender equality:

Madden is not one to keep silent when somebody is victimized on the internet by a predator taking advantage of a gross power imbalance. That is why upon hearing of the Dater controversy, he immediately stepped in to defend Dater’s victim:



Madden should be commended for bravely melting computer screens everywhere with his scorching take on predatory interactions with strangers on the internet. He has been one of the leading voices standing up for human garbage ever since he was personally victimized by the thin skinned PC mob (fired) for spitting out the fiery take below: