By | February 24, 2015

If you read the Takery a lot, you know that we have a soft spot for Mark Madden — and today, he provided some nice warmth for the holiday season.

Tonight, Brooks Orpik will make his return to Pittsburgh for the first time since the Penguins stupidly decided to let him walk in free agency.

As we all know, Orpik is a true leader with tons of grit, truculence, and intangibles. Perhaps you recall that he was a key cog in The Hot Takery’s simulation of Team Heart vs. Tearm Corsi. Without him, that pernicious statistic could have possiblY won the game.

Anyway, Pittsburgh-area takist Mark Madden took to twitter to make sure the world knew just how epically significant Orpik’s return is:

Penguins. Legend. Brooks. Orpik.

Everybody knows that hundreds of years from now when we look back on the Penguins, we’ll remember the big names. You know, Lemiuex, Jagr, Crosby, but most imporantly, Orpik.

As if that take wasn’t steaming hot enough for you, Mark Madden took it to new heights, using his twitter rant to take a jab at Flyers fans:

Get it? Brooks Orpik is a fucking legend, and Eric Lindros was a total bust. Makes you think….

And if you disagree with what Madden says here, let me ask you one question: Have you ever seen the Flyers win the cup?