Tim Panaccio of Comcast SportsNet is no stranger to dishing out piping hot takes, but it seems he may have outdone himself.

It all started when Washington Capitals defenseman Matt Niskanen LITERALLY MURDERED Flyers forward Steve Scott Laughton in their game last Wednesday. Of course, since it’s now the CORSI Hockey League, the Flyers didn’t respond with fisticuffs.

Well, little Timmy was having none of this bullshit. In a scorching hot take posted earlier today, the take master voiced his very obvious opposition to Flyers coach Craig Berube’s claim that the hit was no big deal.

Now, Craig Berube is a hockey man for sure, but he’s certainly no expert. Who are the experts in this case? Why the takists of course!

Here’s Timmy after Berube bursted his bubble:

Thus began a lengthy back and forth with several veteran beat writers who have covered many Flyers teams of past about whether Niskanen’s hit wasn’t a carbon copy of Scott Stevens’ hit on Eric Lindros in 2000 that ended Lindros’ Flyers career.

Now that, my friends, is a strong take. What the hell does Berube know, anyway? Sure, he played the game for years and coaches it now, but has he ever sat in a press box?

Probably not.

Beyond being again right in his analysis that takists know more than coaches, Timmy is following a best practice for piping hot takery: always insert yourself into the story.

And that, dear readers, is what makes this take smoking hot.