By | July 10, 2015

Sports apparel manufacturer Warrior really let the world know how they feel about silly girl sports on Twitter tonight, dishing out a piping hot take on how hard it is to be a laxbro.

Some type of stupid lacrosse event was happening tonight, and Warrior was sure as hell pissed that the dumb lady-people were getting more publicity than their laxbro brethren. Take a look at this super awesome take:

Does anyone else find it laughable that Softball is on ESPN1 & #WorldLax is on ESPN2? #TitleIXProblems

— Warrior (@Warrior) July 11, 2014

#TitleIXProblems, indeed.

Warrior makes a really good point here — there’s no way that softball is on ESPN1 because it’s more popular than lacrosse. No, this is a super deep conspiracy to promote the female athlete agenda (TM).

Congrats, Warrior, for providing the first sexist hot take this site has profiled.

UPDATE 2: Warrior has since deleted this piping hot take, but you can read the original text above or look at this screenshot courtesy of Jeff Kassouf. I guess they thought the world wasn’t ready for takes this hot.

UPDATE 1: It turns out the sexist takery runs deep with Warrior: