We use a lot of pretty specific language here at The Hot Takery, and the last thing we want is for that to keep you from consuming a piping hot take. That’s why we put together the Official Hot Takery Glossary.

We’ll continually add terms to this space, so check back frequently to see the developments in hot take lexicology. Have an idea for a new word? Send it our way via Twitter or Facebook!

BIG CORSI, noun, \ˈbig ˈkȯr-ˈsē\ – an industry hell bent on ruining hockey by injecting too many numbers and analysis into takes.

usage: “Don’t bother reading Tyler Dellow’s stuff — that guy is just a shill for BIG CORSI.”

firemannoun, \ˈfī(-ə)r-mən\ – a typically evil person who attempts to pour cold water on a piping hot take.

usage: “Dude, Travis Hughes is being such a fireman in his response to Tim Panaccio’s column.”

fire department, noun, \fī(-ə)r di-ˈpärt-mənt\ – where groups of firemen congregate, often in places like Twitter or particular sports blogs.

usage: I named this Twitter list ‘fire department,’ because it’s filled with firemen trying to douse piping hot takes.

hot takerynoun, \ˈhät-ˈtāk-ər-ē\ – the practice of dishing out a piping hot take. Commonly presented as a proper noun when referencing The Hot Takery dot com.

usage: “Did you read Simmons’ column yesterday? He made some great points in the form of hot takery.”

kindlingnoun, \ˈkin(d)-liŋ, ˈkin-lən\ – the subject or focus of a piping hot take.

usage: “LeBron James is pretty much the ideal kindling — people just can’t stop writing piping hot takes about him.”

pyromaniac, noun, \ˌpī-rō-ˈmā-nē-ak\ – one who reads, enjoys, or agrees with hot takes.

usage: “I know The Toronto Sun is hot garbage, but I’m such a pyromaniac, I just can’t put it down!”

takist, noun, \tāk-ist\ – one who dishes out piping hot takes.

usage: “You really have to hand it to Sam Carchidi — he’s slowly becoming my favorite takist.”