A lot of really interesting words have been written about the NFL in recent weeks, but it appears that we’ve all been focused on the wrong issues.

At least that’s what the master hot takists over at Fox News think.

Ever since video was released showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice physically abuse his then-fianceé, the internet has been filled with commentary about what this means for how the NFL — and more importantly, our entire society — deals with the issue of domestic abuse. The criticism of NFL policies intensified with the recent allegations of child abuse against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

But while we were all wondering what this meant for those particular issues — namely domestic abuse and child abuse — it appears that we were all too short-sighted to see how this plays into the bigger picture.

I’m talking, of course, about #Benghazi.

But never fear. Veteran hot takist and host of the highbrow intellectual debate show Fox & Friends Elisabeth Hasselbeck was happy to bring this all to our attention:

This is a really great point — what does the NFL say about #Benghazi? Probably a lot.

And Hasselbeck is further right in her analysis to suggest that no one has been laser focused on Benghazi for the past two years. Nope. It’s not like one “news” network has spent over 1,000 primetime segments to discuss how the tragedy is evidence of the anti-christ Obama’s devious ways.

But the NFL controversies don’t just teach us about #Benghazi. No no no — there are MANY lessons to be learned here, and steaming hot takist Sean Hannity brought up the stellar and not-insane-at-all point that if Adrian Peterson is prosecuted for child abuse, it might prevent parents from teaching their kids that “being gay is not normal.”

The horror!

So take note here, budding young takists — don’t ever let tragedies, no matter how irrelevant, prevent you from making points that advance your political agenda. ‘Tis the Fox News way.

h/t Media Matters