Do Hockey Helmets Expire?

Hockey helmets are not invincible and you should consider getting a new one overtime. They have an expiration date. Hockey is a fast contact sport that involves a lot of concussions. Players travel across hard ice to reach the other end of the score net. Before they make it to the end, they come in contact with pushes from the opposite team and random falls. Making their head very easy target for brain damage. Players need to know how much more time their hockey helmet has left. They also need to know when they need newer and hard shelled hockey helmet for the game. Important for a hockey players or someone interested in playing hockey to have a reliable helmet that has a descent age. More information on what makes your hockey helmet expire below.

pushes from the opposite team

Make Sure Helmet Has Hockey Helmet Certification

Every hockey helmet you buy, should have hockey helmet certification. The certification is done by Hockey Equipment Certification Council. That certification ensures that the helmet will last 6 years according to the rule and regulations. Additionally, the certification makes sure the helmet does not have impacts on it brand new. Previous impacts or other defects can make your head hurt 3 times more than usual. You go through a lot of ice and hard hits on that hockey field. You don’t want to make it easier to crack your skull and cause you more hospital bills. A hockey helmet is not the best hockey helmet, if it does not have hockey helmet certification. Don’t go online and buy any hockey helmet that claims to be the strongest, safest, and built design hockey helmet without the hockey helmet certification. The risk of getting a helmet that is cheap could cost you your life.

Hockey Helmet Certification

Get a Helmet That’s a Little Lose

Another, you can make your hockey helmet last long by using a helmet that is little bigger than your exact head size. Your hockey head size is the size that fits the hockey helmet tight. The goal is to get the hockey helmet to fit you a little bigger than that. This requires you to go up in size by small measurements and try stuff on. You won’t know how lose you can go without trying hockey helmets in person. Don’t go spending money on hockey helmets that are a little bigger than what your use to. Go to your local hockey store and try hockey helmets on the old fashion way.

trying hockey helmets

Impacts to Helmet Cause Hockey to Not Last Long

Beware of impacts that can cause your hockey helmet to be less effective. Sometimes, you can get away with a couple impacts to your hockey helmet. But, it’s the big impacts you can’t get away with. Those impacts are dangerous enough to give your head head injuries on the ice filed. I suppose if your playing with friends and playing fair you could stretch it the big impacted hockey helmets. Playing with professionals on the other hand, means you need the highest protection hockey helmet you can have. A helmet that has no impacts and is guaranteed to not cause you head problems. Professional players hit a lot harder than your friends. If you don’t mind having a broken skull or tumour, by all means continue wearing your hockey helmet with a huge impact dent. Leave yourself open to damaging your brain and causing you other problems down the road.

head head injuries on the ice filed

Used Hockey Helmets Don’t Have Endurance

Used hockey helmets are not the best hockey helmets to have. Their used and that means they have more dents in them than a new hockey helmet. More dents means they have a higher chance of giving you a headache or worse. I know you want to save money by using used hockey gear, but this is your body and not some electrical device. You got to take care of your body more than anything else. If you damage your body too much, you will find yourself not being able to function in society. Then, your girlfriend will not want to hear what you have to say, when you can’t do the things you need to do. Buy the best hockey helmet for head protection by buying a new hockey helmet.

Used hockey helmets

Hockey helmets can expire under certain conditions. A person who has too many impacts is wearing an expired hockey helmet. Hockey helmets can only be used with a small amount of impacts and those impacts need to be minor. Also, buying a helmet that is has no hockey helmet certification is the same as buying it used but worse. You don’t know what your getting and it hasn’t been tested to withstand impacts to your skull. Consider helmets certified to be expired for safety and use. Last, a used hockey helmet is expired as well. Online, you can’t see the impacts on the inside and feel for them. You don’t know what your getting. For online purchases, buy a new hockey helmet to avoid getting a banged up hockey helmet on inside that will cause your head to pop during play.