At long last, the Oilers have found the solution to all of their problems. A recent skid has seen the Oilers emerge as the new favorite for highly touted prospect Connor McDavid. As all good takists do, Sportsnet’s Damien Cox put very little thought into his work as he used his talent to deliver the following scorching take on Twitter. (Please make sure to remove any flammable items from your desk before reading)

Young takists can learn an extremely valuable lesson from this one; Always make your most outlandish ideas public before you think them through. A couple minutes spent thinking about why any of those teams would even consider such a trade could have jeopardized the spiciness of this take.

Cox threw some additional gasoline on this take by pointing out that similar trades have occurred in the past.

Once again, briefly thinking about differences between the Lindros trade and this one could have cooled down this take significantly. Cox has truly become master of the Stream Of Consciousness take.

Finally, Cox used these takes as a double edged sword. Not only do they add a scalding hot word salad to your Twitter feeds, but they help him to protect himself from firemen.

Thank you, Damien. You are truly a role model for aspiring hot takists everywhere.