By | July 9, 2015

We all knew that after Brazil lost to Germany in the World Cup, people were going to be dishing out some piping hot takes. Who knew it would happen so quickly, though?

Our latest installment of blowing things totally out of proportion is brought to you by Cathal Kelly, a writer for The Globe and Mail. Shortly after the Brazilian national team lost to Germany (in an admittedly devastating fashion), Kelly served us all this steaming hot take:

56 years to build. Six minutes to destroy. Brazil didn’t just lose a game; they lost part of their national identity.

— cathalkelly (@cathalkelly) July 9, 2014

That tweet links to his piece on The Globe and Mail‘s website. And while I didn’t read it in it’s entirety, I can certify that it is indeed a piping hot take.

Why? Well, it’s really a textbook example of hot takery — take advantage of people’s emotions to deliver a take that is so out of proportion no one will even bother challenging you. Is the Brazilian soccer team doomed? I don’t know, but they just lost 7-1 to Germany mere hours ago so they probably are. Brazil is probably totally ashamed to be Brazil right now, you guys.

Are we overreacting? I don’t know, let’s just play on emotion for a bit.

It appears Kelly shorted analysis to go long on hot takery, and we commend him for that.