Balotelli will be the first player to leave Liverpool – Keita

The summer transfer window is in full swing, and it has already become clear that many clubs are trying to strengthen their positions. One of the main transfers that will be discussed is the acquisition of a new goalkeeper.
3. Chelsea. The Blues have already made a number of acquisitions, which will help them in the long run. The most important of them is the signing of Keita. The Portuguese goalkeeper is a good choice, as he is able to play both in defense and in the middle.
The club has already managed to strengthen the position of the defense, and they are now able to make good progress. The team has already won the Europa League, which is a great achievement for the club.

The Blues are also in good shape in the Premier League, and this is reflected in the standings. They are in the 4th position, which means that they are only behind Manchester United and Liverpool. However, the Blues have a good chance of getting into the Champions League zone, which would be a great result for the team.
In order to achieve this, the team needs to strengthen its defense, as well as to improve the performance of the team in the Europa Cup.
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The season of the English Premier League has come to an end. The previous season, the club Liverpool was the champion of the country.

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