Bale is not worth his price tag!

Bale’s game is not that good and he is not the player who can be considered as a top-5 striker. However, he is a good player and it is the main goal of Manchester United to get him to the top 4.
In the last season, the Red Devils had the following players in the starting lineup:
* Nemanja Matic;
* Marcus Rashford;
* Anthony Martial;
* Alexis Sanchez.
The main problem of the team was the lack of motivation and the fact that the leaders of the club were not able to perform at the highest level.
However, the summer transfer window has brought a lot of interesting players to the club, who can help the team to get into the top-4.
Among the most interesting players of the summer are:
1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka. The Dutchman is a player who is able to score goals, which is a great advantage for the team.
2. Lukaku. The Belgian striker has already scored many goals for the club and is a real leader of the squad.
3. Anthony Lopes. The Portuguese player is able not only to score, but also to distribute the ball.
4. Marcus Rashbury. The England player is a top player who always does his best.
5. Alexis Sanchez, who is a fantastic player who has already won the Premier League title.
Now, the club is ready to take advantage of the new transfer campaign and will try to get the best out of the players who are available.

Where to find the latest news on the English Premier League?
The English Premier league is the most popular football tournament in the world. It is a competition of the strongest clubs from all over the world, and the winner of the tournament is awarded the title of the champion.
This season, it has become much more interesting, because there are several interesting fights for the champion title. The main contenders for the title are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur.
It is the first time that the Spurs are in the top four, so they have to fight for the championship title. However the team has a good lineup and is able fight against the main contenders.
You can always follow the results of the English championship on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results not only of the top teams, but of other clubs, too.
Team’ performance in the Premier league table
The season has already ended, and it has been a busy one for the main favorites of the Premier tournament. Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City have already won a lot, and now the struggle for the gold medals is just beginning.
Of course, the main favorite of the season is the team of Josep Guardiola, who has won the champion trophy for the first three years in a row. However this year, the team is not in the best shape, and they are not able yet to show the maximum.
Liverpool is also in the good shape, but it is not able at the moment to show its maximum. The team has not been in the Champions League for a long time, so it is trying to win the Europa League.
Manchester City is in the same situation, but the team does not have such a bad season as Liverpool and Chelsea. The players of Guardiola are in good shape and are able to show their maximum. However they are still far from the level of the main competitors.
If you want to find out more about the team, you can always visit the website where you will be able to find all the information about the Premier championship.
Latest news on Arsenal
Arsenal is one of the most unexpected favorites of this season. The Gunners are not in a good shape at the start of the championship, and their main competitors are: Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United.
Despite the fact, that Arsenal is not a favorite of this tournament, the players of Arsene Wenger are able show their best game. The coach has a great lineup, which allows him to decide the fate of the game.
Arsenal started the championship with a good result. The first match of the series was a draw with Chelsea. However in the second match, the Gunners lost to the team from the London Arsenal.
After the loss, the coach of the Gunns said that the team needs to improve its game, but he also said that it is possible to win.
“We have to work on the defense, we need to make some changes in the lineup,” said Wenger. “We need to be more focused, we can’t let the opponent score.”
The coach is confident that the players will be ready for the fight against Tottenham and Liverpool.
Where can you find the live scores of the matches of the EPL?
This year, there is a lot to see in the EFL Cup, because the tournament has a lot more interesting matches. The top teams are: Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal and Chelsea again.
All the matches are held at the same time, and you can watch them on the sports statistics website.

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