By | July 8, 2015

Former Flyers Insider blogger Anthony San Filippo tried to pour a bucket of cold water over the piping hot takists, solidifying himself and an enemy of hot takes and The Hot Takery at large.

SanFilippo, who used to provide us with piping hot takes about how Zac Rinaldo is great because he draws penalties or something, took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to express his dismay at Tim Panaccio’s piping hot suggestion that the Flyers trade captain Claude Giroux because of buttgate.

In case you haven’t kept up with the hot takes, SanFilippo is referring to Broad Street Hockey’s Travis Hughes’ hatchet job on Panaccio’s piping hot takes. To see a former beat writer try to douse a hot take is truly shocking, to say the least.

But that wasn’t enough for our misguided fireman. SanFilippo doubled down shortly thereafter, insulting pretty much the entire hot take community.

Et tu, SanFilippo? I don’t know what is up with this guy, but he seems to have decided to employ logic and rational thought when delivering his takes (which are, for the record, ice cold).

I know SanFilippo is a free agent right now, but he’s never going to get his dream job as Steve Simmons’ editorial assistant with this attitude.