• BroadStreetZ

    This is easily the funniest and most thought provoking article I’ve ever read. It’s basically nuclear hot.

  • Max

    this is so stupid. one game! this is exactly why the stats guys are getting hired now. talk about a small sample size. Id like to see your results after an 82 game schedule. or at least a play-off series. Also, saying bergeron has no heart is like saying a leopard doesn’t have spots. The guy is all heart, he played with a punctured freaking lung. You sir, are a moron. you can have all the dan carcillos you want, i’ll take bergeron and win a cup or two.

    • Zach

      Can’t tell if serious…

      • Max

        Serious as heart attack. Look at the team make ups and tell me team heart wins a playoff series ever. I’m a canucks fan ( I know, but nothing you can say will hurt me more than my own team does) and love Tom Sestito, but he’s not getting a goal and an assist on the same night ever. I’m not even a fancy stats fan, I just think this whole post is just short sighted and stupid.

        • MaxPower417

          Still can’t tell if serious/

          • Zach


          • Caleb

            Canucks fan.. So 1. Not surprising.. And 2. Yes he is serious